Udon Thani Homes & Land

Udon Thani Homes & Land

Udon Thani's Location

 Udon as it is also known is located in the Northeast of Thailand, 550 km north-east of Bangkok.

 It’s location if you want to check, is 17.417?N 102.75?E

 At the last count Udon had a population of 247,000.

 The city really developed by becoming support center for nearby Udon Thani air force base during the Vietnam war.

  Udon is a relaxed city, while still being worthy of being Thailand's third major city, and living in Udon it's refreshing to get away from Bangkok's stagnate air and high prices.

 Prices in the Northeast are considerably cheaper for everything from hotels to food. The people are more friendly and have time to smile and say hello, something sadly disappearing in Bangkok and other rapidly expanding Thai cities.

 The pace of life is noticeably slower in Issan (the name given to the North-East region of Thailand). This is why girls from this area have always been regarded as such good wives and girlfriends. The people here are more genuine.

 The more popular tourist destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, but these places tend to be overly commercialised. If you want to go to a place where you can experience some of the local people, customs, and traditions - Issan is the place to come.

 Only 55 kilometers north from Udon is Nong Khai, right on the banks of the famous Mekhong river bordering Laos. Nong Khai has in the past been accredited as the 7th favourite place in the world to retire.
Literally across the river from Nong Khai is the country of Laos, still developing and well worth a visit.

 50 kilometers to the east is the world heritage site Ban Chiang.

 The real Thailand is outside the popular tourist destinations. Northeast Thailand is often neglected by tourists, so what better reason do you need to come.







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