Udon Thani Homes & Land

Udon Thani Homes & Land

Prices in & around Udon Thani

 This is dependent on the type of house you are looking for and the location.
Starting from the most expensive and working down the list:

 Detached house Two storey house built separately on its’ own plot of land.
Price range 2 million Baht up to 10 million Baht plus. For the higher end of the price range you would expect 4 or 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms double garage, even a swimming poll on a large plot – up to 500 sqM.

 Semi-detached house sometimes called duplex, because there are two houses built adjoining each other. These will more likely be up to three bedrooms.
Price range 1 to 2 million Baht.

 Apartments can vary enormously in size, from 40sqM (similar in size to a reasonable hotel room with a separate bedroom) up to 120sqM or more.
Price range 500,000 Baht to 2 million Baht.

 Townhouse (Thais use exactly the same word.) This refers to a block of houses built together in a row. Sometimes only four houses, maybe six, but can go up to ten houses wide.
The two end houses will sell for more than the middle houses, as they have three outside walls and therefore usually more windows.
Price range 800,000 Baht to over 1 million Baht.


 Please don’t forget that the above prices are only a guide to give you an idea of the property market. The location is just as important, often more so.
 For example a wonderful three bedroom detached house in a much sought-after area can sell for say 4 million Baht. The same house built in the middle of nowhere would command half that price, due to the poor location, cheaper land prices, hence a poor resale value too.






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