Udon Thani Homes & Land

Udon Thani Homes & Land

Cultural interest in Udon Thani

  Nong Prajack Park. This is a good place to go if want a relaxing walk in a pleasant area which is popular with the locals too. There’s a lake here with a few islands the grass areas are nice. In the evening you can always watch the aerobics al ong as you don’t mind the Thai pop music that comes with it. You can jog around the lake if you’re feeling fit or if not, just feed the fish instead.

  Nong Bua Park in in the center of the city near the railway. There’s also a Chinese style Pagoda here by the lake.

  Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm is well known for the large selection of orchids. There are mnay other beautiful plants here too. On sale is unsurprisingly perfume made from the orchids.

  Kumpawapi is south of Udon where in October there are Dragon boat races. Also here is a large group of wild monkeys which roam free and have been living for around here a hundred years.

  Phu Foi Lom Eco-Park. From Udon city it’s about 40km on the road to Kon Kaen Located on a high plateau. There are some nice walks here along with a beautiful.
  Ban Nakha is just 15km along the road to Nong Khai is this village which is well known for it home made cotton and also silk clothes. If you continue into the center of the village itself there is a better chance to find better priced goods.

  Ban Chiang is probably the major attraction if you’re looking for history is this area excavated from the bronze age.

  Phu Phrabat National Park is north-west from Udon, just over 50km. Here there are bronze age paintings and many carvings in the sandstone from thousands of years ago on the high point.

  A lot of tourists on the way to Nong Khai and Laos often miss the above points.
However these points of interest make Udon a genuine tourist attraction when you’re searching for the real Thailand. If you decide to live here you’ll have plenty of time to discover these places and many more.





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